About Us

MICT  established in 2009 with a vision to increase computer literacy in India has grown many folds since its inception. Working on the core philosophy of providing quality education and mission to take IT to masses. MICT  has grown to a respected brand name in the field of IT Education.

Today MICT  is growing by leaps and bounds every year. MICT  has led from the front in this dynamic and ever-growing field by incorporating new ideas and tapping the right business opportunities at the right time.



MICT  –A Leader in industrial  Training involved in imparting hi-tech live Project Based Training to students of BBA,BCA, MBA, MCA, & Poly.Tech, B. Tech ,M. Tech of various college/ Universities on latest technologies like hardware and networking  MICT  has trained and place many students till now. 



 Internet is emerged as the technology of the future. Today every business organization has realized that theory needs a presence on Internet if they want to survive and grow in this fiercely competitive scenario. Unfortunately till date only 35% of businesses have their presence on Internet related service.

Internet is now-a-day growing as tool which is generally used by student to keep themselves update with latest inventions happening in their field. The filed may be Education, Business, Science, Medicine & even Agriculture are using internet  to keep them  in touch with  other like minded & related people in their field all over world. In India we can use Internet facility in the field of Agriculture also, as it keeps our farmers in touch with our Agriculture Scientists, which can be beneficial for our farmers also.



In the MICT-world no one talks hours or minutes; everything happens in seconds. To stay on step ahead you need someone who understands exactly where you want to go and how to get you there. We at MICT strategies architect and implement end to end  e-solutions that seamlessly integrate with our enterprise applications. Enabling you to give your customers the power anytime, anywhere, any device e-business.


Industry Orientation

A Market survey carried out in March 2011 on the present system of computer education and training shows that there is no stress on proper industry orientation and focus on real life exposure and practical usage. It does not provide adequate hands-on computers and teachers some irrelevant topics leaving out certain essential areas. Keeping these things in view MICT courses curricula provides all the facilities, which have been left out by the  others, besides providing the regular theoretical knowledge.


MICT finds that a proper training methodology combined with specific course curricula is must to impart optimum skills to a student. MICT has pioneered innovations ineducation and training. Through in-house Research in Industrial Technology, MICT  has developed a methodology which combines various elements to ensure maximum effectiveness of learning for a student. In addition to utilizing latest technology to keep on improving the quality of training imparted, the elements and concepts which  MICT  has introduced to optimize the education procedures for the student are :- Hands-on  Practical.